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Notion's Motion

Wisitor is a new age marketing tool and web based CRM utilizing the already-in-use Wi-Fi networks of businesses and corporations, transforming it into a social Wi-Fi platform.

  • Fast and secure internet connection
  • Social Wi-Fi
  • Statistics management
  • Undisturbed communications network
  • Social trends analysis

Vosu is a smart TV peripheral with a specialized interface that is based on the Android operating system. Vosu Smart Home is a hardware and software-integrated system that makes life easier for an end user and also working as an early warning system against accidents at the home.

  • Android & Smart TV
  • Digital Integration
  • Smart Home Systems
  • Domotics
  • Total Home Solutions

Via Notion’s Motion you can search for producers to bring your video production ideas to life. Additionally, regardless of where you are, you can find the right production group that is interested your production idea. Notion’s Motion is a production market and an online project management platform.

  • Video Production Marketplace
  • Project Management
  • Independent Film Making
  • Animation Studio
  • Script Engine

Tasknight is an AI project developed to categorize and store your various ideas about anything during the day, while keeping track of your moods. Tasknight categorizes your notes under corresponding emotions and when you are in the suitable mood, reminds you.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Wearable App
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Deep Learning
  • Task Management

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